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Forced Back Into Adult Diapers
June 18, 2017
Sissy And Daddy Enjoying Passionate Sex
Daddy Fucks his Sissy
June 19, 2017

How about we play a little game, dear? See, you’ve turned out to be an absolute horrible husband and an even worse example of a man. You expect me to wait on you hand and foot, and you can’t seem to help but leave tracks in all of your underwear! I shouldn’t have to put up with this from a grown man, but you know who else acts like this, and it’s expected? Babies! Which is why I’m going to dress you up like one, thick adult diapers and all.  I don’t even think you would make a good baby boy, so I’m going to turn you into my very own diapered phone sex sissy!  I’m going to put little mittens on you so you can’t do anything for yourself, and I’m going to put you in pink diaper covers and frilly cute dresses.  I’m even going to tuck that tiny sissy clitty of yours in a little cage, because little babies don’t need to touch themselves like that.  Would you like some sissification phone sex? Call me if you’d like to hear what else I would do to you!



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