October 2, 2015

A Beautiful Dress

Hello adult babies! I found something that I know all you sissies, sissy sluts, and sissy fags will absolutely love. I saw another sissy being walked around by her mommy and she wearing the most beautiful dress! It was short and made of blue satin. There was lots of pretty, fluffy white tool making the bottom nice and poofy, and there was a gorgeous white satin sash cinching in the sissy’s waist. The collar was surrounded by frilly white lace that fell across the poofy blue sleeves. But that’s not even my favorite part. My favorite part of the dress was the little pink bows decorating the bottom of the dress, and a nice big one right underneath the sissy’s chin. I just wish I could talk to her mommy and find out how she found such a lovely dress for her little girl. Fret not my abies, I’m always on the lookout for the prettiest dresses for my sissies. –Barbie <3     888-430-2010
August 12, 2015

Are you A Phone A Mommy Baby?

The best part of being Mommy, is being a Phone A Mommy! We have the best ABDLs. I can honestly say I love and care for each and every one of my adult babies, diaper lovers and sissy babies! I look forward to every time you call me to tell mommy what a good or bad baby you have been. I enjoy my bad babies just as much as my good little angels. Some of my Aby’s need nurturing and others need adult baby diaper discipline. Some of my babies need to get naughty with mommy and try and be big boys. Mommy loves sharing her body with baby and lets you go exploring. I love taking care of all of your adult baby needs. From that early morning breast feeding and diaper change, to giving you a warm bath right before bed time. Mommy Candy will rock you to sleep in her arms and sing you a lullaby.
July 23, 2015

ABDL Birthday Party!

You know what’s even better than throwing a surprise party? An abdl surprise party! One of my little adult babies had a birthday this week and I had so much fun being able to plan everything for him! First thing we had to do was take my adorable little munchkin over to his nana’s so we could get the house ready for his surprise party! We bought tons and tons of blue balloons and streamers and we even had a sign that said “Baby’s First Birthday!” We decorated the tables with blues clues plates and napkins and a huge blues clues birthday cake right in the middle!! Once everything was all set up we went ahead and called all of his abdl friends to come over for the party!! Once everyone was all set up in their hiding places his nana opened the door and we all jumped out and yelled “Surprise!!!!!” His face was so ecstatic when he saw all the balloons! Abdl Mommy Candy loves pampering her little baby.
June 3, 2012

Mommy Phonesex with Star

Another great call with my sissy baby Cindy tonight.. She walks into the room. Looking down, she sees you on your hands and knees, wearing her favorite pair of panties just like she ordered you. Today you get to wear a dress for the first time. That is if you pass the instructions she gives you. She walks in front of you, moving her latex boot in front of you. “Lick.” she orders. You do as your told, that’s when you hear the door open two muscular men walking in. “Oh no” you think to yourself. Yep that’s right. You want to be a sissy you need to learn how to be one first.. How bad you want that sissy dress? Call your phonesex mommy Star and get ready for your first sissy training lesson.
April 8, 2012

ABDL Easter

It’s time for sissy baby Easter fun!! I just finished hiding all the eggs for you. Mommy Ava is going to put you in your brand new Easter dress she bought you! It’s a cute little lavender dress with a ruffled bottom and a Easter bunny on it. You’re going to look so cute. C’mon! And so I pick you up out of your crib, and i carry you to your changing table. Once I get your diaper off is when I smell it. “Uh oh! Did you make a mess in your diaper? Well there’s no way you can hunt for Easter eggs in a dirty diaper! Let’s get that changed. So I pick your legs up and I clean your little bottom and slip a new diaper on you. Were not done yet though.. We need to slip on some rumba panties over that little diaper of yours! So Mommy dresses you all the way and she puts your hair in pigtails. “Well aren’t you just precious.. Mommy’s little sissy baby.. Are you ready to hunt for eggs now?”
February 12, 2012

Sissy Panty Boys Love ABDL Mommy Star

Where are all my abie girls? My sissies and panty boys? You know Mommy Star loves you very much. I just love getting calls where I get to take my subs shopping. They love the slips and skimpy dresses and skirts I make them try on. Of course everyone in the store is amused by the sight of you in a little frilly pink dress that is just a little bit too short. Everyone can see your diaper. They’re giggling at you. Uh oh are your cheeks turning red? What’s wrong my little sissy girl? Are you embarrassed? Look at all those people whispering and pointing at you.. Some are getting their phones out and taking pictures.. Some are just plain out laughing right at you.. Aww poor Sissy baby. Did you wet yourself? Really? In front of everyone? Well that’s great I guess I’m going to have to change you in front of everyone too huh? Well I think everyone wants to see why your Mommy has you put in a dress. Because your small penis?
August 2, 2011

sissy boy | Mommy's little girl

Are you Mommy’s little sissy? You over there hiding your face while you sit in your plastic panties and diapers are you Mommy’s little sissy? I think it is you. I think it’s you sitting over there sucking on your thumb looking just like Mommy’s darling sissy baby. Why you look just like a real baby girl! Are you sure you’re not a sissy baby? I see you shaking your head but you seem to be a little sissy wissy baby. I think you are in fact a sissy and you’re just terrified that everyone will know the truth. Mommy Shirley
June 29, 2011

diaper punishment

Momma has told you and told you about making wet messes in your pants little girl. I’ve had it up to here with you not listening so I am thinking it’s time for diaper punishment. You wet your pants over and over and there’s no point in being in panties if you can’t keep from tinkling in them sissy pants. So I went out and I got you some cloth diapers, some baby powder, some locking plastic panties and some baby mitts to keep your hands off of your diapers. It’s time sissy baby. . Mommy Shirley
April 14, 2011

sissy diapers

Why don’t you just look so cute in your sissy diaper? You’re so shy though, hiding your pretty eyes from Mommy. It’s OK sugar, you look precious there is no need to hide. It makes Mommy’s heart hurt when I think that you’re ashamed of your sissy self. You don’t need to be shamed cutie pie, just be who you are. If that means you wear sissy diapers then it means you wear sissy diapers. Liz