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September 13, 2015

Pretty Little Diaper Sissy

I am a loving, nurturing MILF. I do not like to have to repeat myself or raise my voice. Unless in a sexy role play, my typical demeanor is one that commands obedience and a submissive attitude. The perfect little sissy would know their place and acknowledge my full dominance over every aspect of their life without me ever having to utter a word. That is a tell-tale sign of a perfectly trained sissy slut. When mommy comes home from a long day and is tired, do you think she wants to have to worry about wiping down the kitchen before bed? No! She most certainly does not. Now, a good little sissy knows right away how mommy looks when she is tired and should be a good pet and get right to cleaning up without having to be told! You make it spotless while mommy sinks into a nice, hot bubble bath and relaxes for the night. After all, doing my bidding is why you are here! XOXO, Barb 888 – 430 – 2010
August 23, 2015

Taboo MILF Phone Sex

Something that I have been coming across more and more often is cuckolding. Men seem to absolutely go crazy for the idea of their wife, girlfriend, or other intimate partner taking advantage of them and fucking other men. One thing they really love is when their woman takes their affair right before their partner’s very eyes… They seem to just absolutely love the thrill of seeing this other man fucking his wife right in front of him. Things can get heated and take an even sexier turn when we bring BDSM into it and I play the submissive, allowing this other man to dominate me and humiliate me in whatever way he sees fit. And you love watching me get plowed like a little slut. And I love taking that dick in front of you. It is your dark fetish and it turns you on. I love using you and your weaknesses to please myself! XOXO, Barb 888- 938 – 7382  
July 30, 2015

Mommy for Diaper Girl

I have so many wonderful sissy boys in my nursery and I just love getting to play with them. I think it would be fun to have some time playing with a sweet diaper girl. She can join us while we play dress up and with all the toys I have for us. I can buy new outfits for my adult babies, the pair of them will look so pretty in their dresses and adult baby diapers! I would hold them to my chest and have them each latch onto one of my big tits so that they can adult breastfeed until they are full. Snuggles together will never be so much fun as they would be with a diaper girl to join us. When my babies made a mess in their diaper, I’d take my time wiping them down and powdering them so that they were nice and soft and clean. I’d love to rock my baby girl to sleep while I hold her and kiss her softly and gently. Hope I find my diaper girl soon! XOXO, Barb 888 – 430 – 2010
July 23, 2015

Adult Baby Diapers from Mommy

My ABDLs love their nice cozy adult baby diapers. I have so many stacks of cute diapers for you in the nursery I made just so you could be safe and have fun with me. I would love to spend some quality time playing dress up and dollies with a sissy boy. Maybe you just need someone to love on you while you suck on some big tits and take in the warm milk to fill you up when you’re hungry. Your crib and changing table are all ready for us to use to keep you happy and smiling! We can roll around on the soft carpet together, laughing and tickling each other and having the best time. Aw, is baby getting too turned on? Well, you’d better get to rubbing yourself while you wear that warm, wet diaper you’re wearing. If not, mommy will have to scold you until you get to work on yourself. I’m going to watch you from my rocking chair, lifting my skirt to play with myself while I watch you cum for me so you stop your crying. When you’re done, you’ll get a treat of your choosing and I’ll tuck you in so you can get some rest. Until it’s time to go again with some diaper sex! XOXO, Barb 888 – 430 – 2010
December 20, 2013

Naughty or Nice?

It’s that time of year again – time for Santa to make his list and check it twice.  And what list will you be on?  The nice list?  Or the naughty list?  Will you be getting a stocking full of toys and goodies?  Or will it be full or coal and a paddle for paddling that naughty little behind of yours?  Will you be spending your Christmas morning opening all your wonderful gifts?  Or will you be receiving a paddling for being so very naughty this year?  Well, all I can say is you better be good, for goodness sake! (And for the sake of that diapered little rump of yours *wink*!)   Mommy Gina 1.888.430.2010
November 23, 2012

Enema for the Holidays

Did everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving!  I hope so.  Sometimes I have a very…unusual thought process.  Take for example this: as I was stuffing the thanksgiving bird, I was wondering – what if instead of stuffing a turkey, I was stuffing another type of white meat, hehe?  I would have buttered and oiled my little apprehensive morsel (namely you 😉 ).  And of course, I would have had to clean out the inner cavity and bowels properly, which means a very strong and effective enema.  I would tuck your knees under you, your bottom poised up and primed to be filled with the warm, soapy solution, or perhaps a natural enema recipe would better suit my needs (a “brown cow” – warmed milk and molasses enema is a very strong but natural one). After the enema did its job and clean your out thoroughly, then the stuffing process can begin – so many choices here, heeheehee!  Should I go with a traditional carrot/celery/onion mirepoix, or perhaps I should stretch you wide open and stuff you with a bread stuffing?  Perhaps something a little more…naughty ;). Oh my imagination just goes wild with possibilities – care to find out how wild? Just give me a jingle and hear for yourself. Mommy Gina 1.888.430.2010
October 31, 2012

Halloween Scare Phone Sex

So my little Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers and Sissies alike, are we all excited for Halloween?  What do we have planned? Visit a haunted house or a haunted hay ride?  Maybe watch scary movies and stay up all night, peering over your covers and keeping a close eye on the closet door (which, by the way, you could have sworn you closed three times already)?  Perhaps you’re planning on staying in a graveyard till after the witching hour, or performing a séance with some of your ghoulishly fun friends?  What ever you have planned, I hope it includes being scared outa your wits with a fresh diaper firmly in place, cuz it just isn’t Halloween until you’ve had a Halloween scare that literally scares the crap outa you, heeheehee.  And to that endeavor, you can always give this AB/DL Mommy a call and I will weave a Halloween tale that will give you nightmares for weeks to come, hehehe! Happy Halloween Everyone! Mommy Gina 1.888.430.2010
October 10, 2012

Pinup Girl

I’m feeling a bit artsy – and I’m thinking you can help me out with it, hehe.  See, I think I would like to do some pics like the Vargas pinup girls of yester years.  And when I say do, I mean take pictures of YOU in a sexy little number posing provocatively. And I have the most lustrous outfit all ready for you too. Now don’t be bashful – you know you want to try it on.  I’ve seen how you look at all my silky little under garments.  I know that it’s not me you long to see in them, but in fact, yourself.  You don’t think I’ve noticed how you fondle them?  Holding them close to your skin? How your heart beat faster when you dip you hands into my lingerie drawer?  Now you get to live your dream – your dream of being a slutty  sissy gurl in a sultry outfit.  See?  Isn’t it to die for?  Of course I’m sure you would die of embarrassment if those sweet pics show up in your boss’s inbox, huh? So you best keep me happy, else they may end up hanging in every cubicle at your work *wink*. Gina 1.888.430.2010
September 21, 2012

ABie Needs

Awwww, what is it my sweet little Adult Babie?  Why the sad face?  Are you in need of some one-to-one time with a Mommy that really knows how to nurture you? To take care of you? A Mommy that knows how to play those “special” games with ABie?  Now now sweetheart, no need to fret, Mommy Gina is here to make everything all better.  l am a soft and sweet Mommy; firm when I need to be, but just nonetheless – I know what is best for all my little Abies. Perhaps you need to be potty trained, or maybe you just need to stay in diapers longer – these are the type decisions that I am here for.  A Mommy to see to all your Abie needs, all your Abie wants, and yes, even your disciplinarian needs (all Abies need limits and rules to know that they are loved and cared for). So little one, are you ready? Are you ready to give yourself over to me and completely trust me with all your ABie needs?   Mommy Gina 1.888.430.2010
March 15, 2012

Exhibitionist MILF

Out for a little Moonlight Swim… The evening sky is clear, and the full moon hangs in a mystic glow.  A soft breeze tickles my skin as I dip a toe into the warm water of the pool.  Perfect I think to myself.  I saunter over to the table and turn the knob on the player – soft sensual music drifts up from the device, filling the air with its seductive tunes.  I turn up the volume, allowing it to be carried on the winds.  I give a little smile as I hear a rustling beyond the fence that engulfs the pool; good, an audience, I was afraid that would be alone this evening.   I have let it become common knowledge that I like to go for moonlight swims. Furthermore, I have also let it slip on numerous occasions that I prefer to take my midnight excursions au naturale, with nothing to taint the exquisite sensations of the soothing lapping of the water against my bare skin.  These steps were deliberate, all taken to entice the neighborhood boys to sneak a peak, fueling their neighborhood MILF fantasies.  After all, what’s the point in being an exhibitionist if you don’t have a captive and eager audience; an audience whom might just be seduced into doing more then just watch.   I let my silken robe fall to the ground as I slip into the still waters.  Loosing myself to the music and the warmth of the water, I start to move to the rhythm of both, my skin glistening in the moonlight, my nipples hard with the erogenous thoughts of being watched.  I can hear the soft gasps and groans from behind the foliage – it fuels my efforts as I step up my exploits.  I move to the shallow shelf and start to touch myself, my hips moving with my hand, my fingers, exploring the deep wells of my desire.   I know they are watching, stroking themselves as the exhibition unfolds before their very eyes.  We have done this dance many times before.  As I continue my masturbation show, I secretly wish I will entice one (or all) to reveal them selves and join in my naughty water play. Will you join me for a little moonlight swim?   Gina 1_888_430_2010
February 15, 2012

Medical Procedure: An Enema for Patient

  Oh how I do so enjoy playing nurse, indulging in a medical examination roleplay!  Imagine me walking into your hospital room with a wicked little smile; placing all my medical paraphernalia on the table by you; pulling down the sheets quickly while explaining to you that it’s time for your “procedure”.   Seeing the panic rise in your eyes as I pull down your underwear, you whimpering how it isn’t necessary.  I giggle slightly as I “tsk tsk” you, telling you that it’s for your own good.  I hang the prepared enema bag on the hook, and then tell you to let your knees drop to your sides.  You don’t want to, but I force them down anyways.   Since you are being uncooperative, I call for another nurse to assist me; you plead with me, saying that you won’t be difficult, if only I would not call anyone else in – you don’t want anyone else to see you this way.  I smile and I tell you it’s too late.  A young nurse comes in, sees you in your compromising position, and giggles.  She then asks me if I need assistance with the procedure, and I say yes, seems he’s not being very cooperative today.   I then place a glob of Vaseline onto the nozzle, spread your ass cheeks and slowly insert the end piece into your tight little ass.  You turn beet red for being placed in such a compromising and vulnerable state, but I warn you that if you give us any trouble, that things may not go well for you.  You quickly shut your mouth and endure the embarrassment.  I then slowly release the clamp partially, letting the warm liquid flow into your waiting bowels.   Your abdomen starts to extend outward as the fluids fill every inch of you.  The sensation is oddly strange – and then you see the young nurse smile widely.  You realize what she is looking at – your penis has become fully erect with the administering of the enema.  I giggle slightly and tell you it’s perfectly normal; that many men become aroused and erect with an enema.   I then turn to the young nurse and explain your “predicament”, and that sometimes it is necessary to help patients “relieve” themselves. I then demonstrate to my helper how to hold your penis at its base; how to stroke up, then down your hardened shaft; how to increase the speed and rhythm with every stroke; all the while the warm fluids seep into every inch of your bowels.   I tell her to clamp the tube once I see your abdomen fully extended, and pull out the nozzle.  The sensations are more then you can take.  I then tell her that she should get the bed pan, because I don’t think you will be able to hold your water for very much longer. She slides the metal seat under you.  You can no longer hold back.  Your cock explodes as you release the water from your bowels.   I grin from ear to ear and say to you, “See? Now don’t you feel better now?”   You are beyond embarrassed, but can only manage to nod your head. The young nurse laughs under her breath, and proceeds to clean you up and take the bed pan away.   As we start to leave your room, I turn back to you and say with a wink, “Now I hope you are more cooperative tomorrow, or I will be forced to have one of the male nurses help me with your […]
January 11, 2012

Just the Solution

So you want to act like a little two year old do you?  Whining, refusing to do for yourself, and gallivanting to all hours of the night do you?  Well I have just the solution for you!  You want to act like a brat, then you will be treated like a little bratty kid, and that includes a diaper, a pacifier, and if necessary a paddle!  Oh, and did I mention that this would be your work attire as well?? No? Well get use to it little one!   Call Mommy Gina for all your forced diapering play   **MUST BE 18+ TO CALL**   US/Canada:      1*888*430*2010 1.99/min 2.50 connection fee International:  011+1+714.442.2402 1.99/min 2.00 connection fee   ***text sessions available as well*** Call 1*888*430*2010 $1.49/minute with $2.00 processing fee     All calls are discreetly billed as M.E. L.L.C