The lady in the "ABDL Mommy Pussy Sex" was dressed in red-colored inner attire.
Mommy Takes ABDL to the Park
September 13, 2015
Mow my lawn
September 17, 2015

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I am a loving, nurturing MILF. I do not like to have to repeat myself or raise my voice. Unless in a sexy role play, my typical demeanor is one that commands obedience and a submissive attitude. The perfect little sissy would know their place and acknowledge my full dominance over every aspect of their life without me ever having to utter a word. That is a tell-tale sign of a perfectly trained sissy slut. When mommy comes home from a long day and is tired, do you think she wants to have to worry about wiping down the kitchen before bed? No! She most certainly does not. Now, a good little sissy knows right away how mommy looks when she is tired and should be a good pet and get right to cleaning up without having to be told! You make it spotless while mommy sinks into a nice, hot bubble bath and relaxes for the night. After all, doing my bidding is why you are here!



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