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Pretty Little Diaper Sissy
September 13, 2015
Boy is laying in bed while attractive girl is dressed in Penis sexy material.
Potty Training
September 18, 2015
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Mow my lawn


What a beautiful sunny day. I think mommy Susan needs to lay out on her lounge chair in the sun. The grass is so long though I really should mow it. But then again why would I do that when I have my little sissy here. You can go put on mommies favorite green dress she bought for these special occasions and then you can mow the front yard.  The neighbors always love seeing you mow the lawn in that sissy little dress of yours.  It’s so short everyone can see the cute diaper underneath. Mr. Post across the road enjoys it the most though.  He sits in his lawn chair watching you.  He strokes his cock the entire time looking at my little sissy. Tomorrow he wants you to cut his grass. Then he asked if he could take you in his house to spend time with you.  I wonder what he could want?

If this sounds like something you would like to do call Mommy Susan, my grass is getting long.


green sissy dress

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