Mow my lawn
September 17, 2015
In this photograph, a Darkness can be seen, and a single boy is standing.
Are You Afraid of the Dark, Baby?
September 19, 2015

adult baby

What are you doing my adult baby? Are you trying to use the potty like a big boy again? You know you’re not allowed to use the potty anymore! Ever since you decided to keep wetting the bed like a naughty boy Mommy has decided to keep you in diapers from now on. I am so tired of washing your sheets day after day always telling Mommy that it won’t happen again but it always does! Mommy can’t trust your word anymore so I just decided to eliminate the problem altogether and put you back in diapers just like the little adult baby you are! No more big boy undies for you anymore young man. You won’t have to worry about wetting the bed and mommy won’t have to worry about washing the sheets! It’s a win win situation don’t you think? I mean who wouldn’t want to have a mommy that can change their diaper and take care of them 24/7? Being a diaper lover sounds like the life if you ask me!


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