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September 12, 2015
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Pretty Little Diaper Sissy
September 13, 2015

abdl mommy

Today is going to be a fun day for this mommy. I’m bringing my sweet little abdl down to the public neighborhood park for a day of play and fun! You and mommy are going to have such a good time with all of the other adult babies and diaper lovers! Mommy already packed your diaper bag and stroller in the back of the van and mommy even packed some of your favorite toys to bring along! Now all mommy has to do is change you out of that messy diaper of yours and put on a fresh new one! We don’t want to go to the park in a stinky diaper now do we! Just remember if you decide to go potty in this one mommy is going to change you in front of all  the other mommies and abdls since there are no changing tables there! So you better make that diaper last while you can sweetie! Well now that you’re clean and everything is packed, are you ready for the park my little adult baby?


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adult baby

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