Bubble Bath with Mommy Liz
October 7, 2012
yay! for diapered bottoms
October 10, 2012

I’m feeling a bit artsy – and I’m thinking you can help me out with it, hehe.  See, I think I would like to do some pics like the Vargas pinup girls of yester years.  And when I say do, I mean take pictures of YOU in a sexy little number posing provocatively. And I have the most lustrous outfit all ready for you too.

Now don’t be bashful – you know you want to try it on.  I’ve seen how you look at all my silky little under garments.  I know that it’s not me you long to see in them, but in fact, yourself.  You don’t think I’ve noticed how you fondle them?  Holding them close to your skin? How your heart beat faster when you dip you hands into my lingerie drawer?  Now you get to live your dream – your dream of being a slutty  sissy gurl in a sultry outfit.  See?  Isn’t it to die for?  Of course I’m sure you would die of embarrassment if those sweet pics show up in your boss’s inbox, huh? So you best keep me happy, else they may end up hanging in every cubicle at your work *wink*.



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