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January 9, 2016

My Adult Baby Caught Wearing My Thongs: Part 2

My soon to be ABDL Sissy Bitch opened his mouth slowly as I stood in front of him with my bottle of milk strap-on. . Too slow for my liking. I shoved the strap on bottle into his mouth and ordered, “Suck it! Show Mommy what a good little sissy bitch you’ll make, and suck my bottle.” He obeyed and sucked as I shoved the nipple into his mouth forcefully, taking my hand and holding the back of his head, forcing him to drink. Doing this, of course, made my pussy drip. I could tell he was excited too through the thongs he was still wearing. He tried to reach under the star-on to feel Mommy’s moist cookie, but I slapped his hand away. I pulled the bottle from his mouth and threw the strap-on bottle to the floor. “Does someone want Mommy’s moist cookie in their mouth?” He nodded and I leaned over and whispered no. “Your name is now Fina. You will answer to only that. You understand?” He nodded. I then took my finger and stuck it inside my MILF wet pussy and when I pulled it out, it was covered in my creamy pussy juice. I then forced the finger into his mouth and made him suck my finger clean. “You have to earn this MILF and cookie,” I said to him… Hugs & Snuggles, Mommy Susan 888-430-2010
August 14, 2013

Spare the rod?

I can be the sweetest, most nurturing mommy that you ever imagined. But, I can also be a strict mommy when you don’t do as your told. This little darling thought it would be funny to disobey Mommy, but oh how quickly we proved that wrong! You see, my darling thought it would be fun to dress up in Mommy’s clothes while she was gone. Putting on my favorite blouse and skirt, with my sheer panties and matching bra underneath it all. He thought I would never know, but he was wrong! Mommy came home early and caught her little Sissy! There was mommy’s Sissy Boi, playing in my office, looking at dirty pictures on the internet and rubbing himself through mommy’s panties. I couldn’t resist bending that lovely ass over my desk and giving it a good caning. Just look at those delightful red stripes across those butter soft cheeks. How red they look against that lovely pale skin! Such a naughty sissy to get into Mommy’s things! The whole time the tears flowed down those satin cheeks, I could see the bump in those panties growing. I know just how to take care of that hard bump! Sara
May 17, 2013

Masked Maid

My pretty little maid is so shy around people that i suggested a nice  mask so i looked around online and in the local adult stores.Some just did not suit what i was looking for and besides it was hard for me to really say what design i was wanting just knew i would find it eventually.So yes i am hardheaded when it comes to getting things done my way. I wanted her in a pretty mask and it had to be in something so bright and pretty so i told her she was going with me shopping and she hates shopping probably as bad as i do because i have her doing all of mine.But in one of the shopping trips that we did go on i found this  Mask and it fit her perfectly now she can be the maid she was made to be. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
May 4, 2013

ABDL Sissy

Abdl sissy loves to dress up in their cute little frilly dresses and diapers and show everyone just how adorable they are.You prance and dance all over the room when anyone comes around.Trying your best to get the attention from all.Sometimes it works sometimes not. But there is also times you get out of hand thats when i have to take control and inforce some discipline,you never see it coming because you are just so out there not caring that everyone is laughing at you for being such a silly abdl sissy.That’s ok you deserve to be laughed at for acting that way and that’s when i restrain you in those cute diapers and frilly dresses away until you do better.Then there is those times that when you and your friend just doesn’t learn anything that’s when i have to restrain both of you its so funny seeing you both laying on the floor all bound up just like two little piggies laughing so hard now. Minnie 1.888.430.2010
February 10, 2013

Diapered Husband

Your wife called me today. And yes YOU know who YOU are. lol She was pretty hot with you. I bet at this very moment she has you over her knee and is reddening that little tush,LOL! She warned me that you will be calling me later tonight for some AB sitter punishment after she is done with you. You are also to confess and to tell me what punishment she doled out so that I can come up with something suitable to go along with it. So apparently you talked your wife into letting you out of your diaper for a night. You begged and pleaded. Whined and moaned. Until finally she gave in. You almost convinced her you are a man who deserves to wear pants. LOL Well at least right up until the part where you peed on her in the middle of the night. IDK what you were thinking really. Did you actually believe you could pull that off? You know you are NEVER getting out of diapers now right? Of course you will be telling me all about it in a couple hours won’t you? ~Mommy Josie 888~430~2010  
January 27, 2013

Mommy is just not going to have this silly nonsense anymore. Little AB boys DO NOT put their hands in their diapers. And they DO NOT look at naughty pics on the computer when Mommy or the AB sitter are not looking. Mommy has had quite enough. It is time for drastic measures. I have a few ideas in mind to punish you and deter you from sneaking a wank in your wet diaper. Yes, that means diaper chastity. Locking diapers and chastity devices will need to be employed for an undetermined amount of time. As for punishments, well you will need to call Mommy so she can let you know what you need to do to rectify the situation. You have amends to make to Mommy for being a very naughty AB boy. So get to that phone soon.   Mommy Josie 1~888~430~2010
January 13, 2013

Real men don't wet their pants

Looks like somebody really needs a diaper.  There is no use denying it. You can whine and cry, which actually just reiterates the fact that you are indeed more baby than man. Your wife, now needs to become your mommy. And you will be banished to a crib and will no longer be sleeping in your mommy’s bed.  And best part of all. I am going to get a pretty little adult baby sitter, like Samantha, to come tease you about being a grown man in diapers. How does that sound? Not very good? Well too late now. You have already proven your no real man. And I bet if we pull open that diaper and take a peek inside, well, lets just say it will only prove my point once again. lol Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
January 6, 2013

Forced into a diaper at gun point? Well that’s one way to do it,lol! I have lots of ideas on how to get you into those diapers and doing whatever I say. They vary from the sensual side to the more…violent side,heehee. Just depends on how far you want to go. I prefer coercion. But if you don;t want to play nice then the diaper Domme side of me may just have to make an appearance. Does that get your attention now? Why yes, I think it does. I have lots of different diaper domination scenes that I love and I am always looking to add to the list. So, if you have a scene you have been wanting to try, drop me a line and let’s see what we can do about that. Josie 888~430~2010
December 9, 2012

How naughty are you

How naughty have you been? Looks like Santa here was VERY naughty. Is that what mommy needs to do to you AB boy? Restraints are reserved for very bad AB boys and girls. And the paddle? No, I think you may need the flogger instead or maybe the reformatory strap. some little ABies just need a bit more discipline than the rest and this Mommy is not afraid to keep you in line. Mommy has an array of punishments. From corporal to humiliation, what works best for you? I even have a locking crib for extra bad ABies. I think Mommy will have to bring out a few ideas and see what will work best for keeping you on Santa’s nice list. Call now and confess to Mommy what makes you so naughty and Mommy will dole out the proper punishment. Mommy Josie 888~430~2010  
November 15, 2012

Dommy Mommy

You love it when this Dommy Mommy scolds you tells you what a bad boi you have been then turns that naked butt up in the air for all to see and wham bam spanks it really good making it a bright cherry red.Now you know this will always be done in public i am not going to punish you in private don’t you.I love doing the public humiliation on you because it is so much more effective especially when i get thru and turn you loose with tears running down those cheeks and all these people laughing and pointing at you telling you that was so much fun to watch. Victoria 1.888.430.2010 Maybe you will stay dressed like i told you to just as the sissyboi you really are.
October 14, 2012

FemDom ~ Sissification

Hello my Sissy Adult Baby boy. That is quite a mall penis you have there. I think it is time to do something about that. Your going to get Sissy Pretty with Mommy. I have a wonderful Sissy AB who calls Mommy every week. It is one of my favorite times of the week. We sit down, get comfortable and talk about what life would be like if I took full ownership of him as my sissy. Eventually turning him into a real girl. It is the ultimate FemDom ~ Sissification fantasy. He would give up his old life. Throw everything away except the clothes on his back. He arrives on my step a pitiful man with a very small dicklette. No woman will have him. Except me, but I have other plans… Every time he calls we go a little deeper into our running story. All the things I would do to slowly prepare him for the eventual surgery that will take his manhood. But that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. I have alot of work to do to transform him. All the things he has to learn about being a girl. Getting his period, shopping, make-up and hair. How to dress well and how to act, that is all just the tip of the iceberg. We discuss it all in detail. Exactly what he has to go through to become truly female under her Mistress Mommy’s guidance and care. I can transform you too. I can take you into a complete fantasy world that will leave you craving more. You will find yourself, during your daily tasks, that you will start to ask yourself? Would Mommy approve? You will become mine… Dommy Mommy Josie for sissies and femme’s 888~430~2010
August 27, 2012

Mommy and Son

She walks thru the door dressed all in her leather outfit it fits snuggled against her skin.Molding and showing off her curves you are laying on the couch you have always had a thing for older women but with your mom you just never dreamed she was so hot until you got to watching her now all the others seem to pale in comparison to your mom.She has this gently sway as she walks thru the house picking up after you.The bulge in those pants just keeps on getting bigger thinking to yourself no no this all wrong to have feeling for your mom like this. As you watch her doing the laundry and other things around the house you decide to offer to help out.She smiles sweetly at you and excepts your offer then her eyes go lower and she sees the bulge in your pants and she looks back at you and smiles. Then she puts on a pot of tea and when its ready offers you some while your sitting at the table her stocking foot comes up and rests between your legs.You blush bright red mom’s foot slowly inches up to your crotch and starts rubbing you.Looking over at her she is smiling thats when you know its only the beginning with you and mom. Victoria 1.888.430.2010