Therefore, this abdl mommy has a problem for all of her adult children and aficionados of diaper phone sex.
Very First Diaper
April 10, 2018
One girl is lying in bed, while another is changing her filthy diaper.
Diapered By Your Wife
July 1, 2018

How would you like to go to a party? A very special party that is just for you, and some other sissy babies will be coming over for you to play with! I will dress you up before we leave, in a frilly dress that won’t come near to covering your bottom, thigh high stockings, and a super thick diaper to keep your thighs spread apart! With your makeup on, your hair done just right, and your pretty outfit, you will be the most adorable sissy baby at the party! I can guarantee that you will be very popular with the other sissies, and they will all be very eager to play with you. Me and the other mommies will give them a little nod, and they will be all over you! Rubbing, stroking, teasing you till your sissy clittie starts to leak in your diaper! Call me for your sissy submission phonesex, and tell me what you would like those naughty sissies to do to you!



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