An Adult Dirty Diaper man is naked and lying on the bed, displaying his nude pornography.
Diaper Boy
April 10, 2018
A hot fetish boy exposing her penis on one side.
Diaper Sissy Play Party!!
April 13, 2018

So this abdl mommy has a question for all of her adult babies and diaper phone sex lovers. Today were trying something new and were going to have an abdl community show and tell! Okay so today the topic is what was your experience when you put on your first adult diaper. How did it make you feel? Were you excited when the first shipment arrived? Did your cock get rock hard? Were your hands trembling when you pried open the box? How did it feel when the diaper first brushed up against your cock? Did you cum right then and there? Maybe you even stayed in it for a while to be even naughtier? I want to know all about your experience and go into every little deviant detail. Ugh diaper fetish phone sex gets me so hot



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