September 9, 2013

sissy baby girl

Sissy baby girl  with your skirt so short you know they can all see your  plastic pantie’s and thick white diaper! Looking like a little harlot in that  pink lipstick I know what you should do with that mouth. Tell your dommy mommy what a good sissy baby girl is like because you are certainly not being very good right now. Throwing a fit about not getting your picture taken. Look at the pouty lip’s be a good sissy now and wet that diaper.   Veronika 1*888*430*2010
January 6, 2013

Forced into a diaper at gun point? Well that’s one way to do it,lol! I have lots of ideas on how to get you into those diapers and doing whatever I say. They vary from the sensual side to the more…violent side,heehee. Just depends on how far you want to go. I prefer coercion. But if you don;t want to play nice then the diaper Domme side of me may just have to make an appearance. Does that get your attention now? Why yes, I think it does. I have lots of different diaper domination scenes that I love and I am always looking to add to the list. So, if you have a scene you have been wanting to try, drop me a line and let’s see what we can do about that. Josie 888~430~2010
December 28, 2012

Adult Babies in Disguise

Ok, you have to admit, these are adorable.  Perfect for all you adult babies who don’t want to be recognized for the paci-sucking Abies you are.  Just slip one of these puppies in your mouth and WHAA-LA! Instant disguise, heeheehee.  No one will know it’s you behind that mustache ;).  They won’t look at you sorta sideways, then look to see if you’ve got a thick adult diaper on to match that baby button that’s been popped in your mouth …naaaaahhhh…. LOL! Such wonderful little Adult Babie phone sex sessions I can dream up using this little prop, hehehe – wanna find out? Then give me a jingle! Mommy Lexi 1.888.430.2010
December 24, 2012


You are a manslut sissy. You just enough of being regressed and diapered, then getting a big hard one in you slutty,sissy mouth. Finding it tastes good yes it tastes like cotton candy to you. Your biggest turn on would be to find your self bound to a high chair with a lot of big men around to use you anyway they want. They could take each one of your holes and stretch them out to fit whatever they like. One day they may feel like using your baba to fist you with. Uh oh does little one’s bottom hurt? Does it feel like you had an exam for a week up there? Awww, now don’t cry little sissy slut mouth you have a long week ahead of you of more where that came from. Crissy 1*888*430*2010
December 17, 2012


diaperslut has a way of trying to weasel his way out of things he is made to do. He has a big messy diaper on that he expects me to change right away I tell him and tell him you gotta wait til I am done with my work then I will make it all clean. He gives me a very big fuss about the whole thing, throwing himself down and stomping his feet whining how bad it smells and if I was a really good mommy that loved him lots I would make it better right now. I do not have any sympathy for that big diaper slut he messed himself so he can stay in it till I am good & ready to take his stinky diaper off of him. He will go on & on till he tires himself out. Vicious Mistress Mommy V 1*888*430*2010
October 27, 2012

Dommy Mommy Halloween

This year your going to experience what a true Dommy Mommy is for Halloween. You have been a naughty baby lately and Mommy has let you get away with it quite long enough. Mommy has a special Halloween costume for you. I caught you with your hands in your diaper again. Now you know that ABies aren’t allowed to do such naughty things. So mommy is going to have to take extreme measures with you.  I will be placing you in chastity and for good measure…a diaper with a pair of plastic panties equipped with a lock. And that comes AFTER your very thorough spanking with the new paddle I had hand made just for your bottom. That’s right, the words”bad boy” are going to be emblazoned on that soft bottom of yours. Then, after your all locked up, I am goijg to put on those dirty videos you have been hiding and see just how much you enjoy them now. *evil laugh* Oh don’t cry now, it’s much too late for being sorry. Now it is time to take your punishment. No, this Halloween we will not be going out. You will be getting a very different kind of treat. Call mommy now to see what other punishments I have in store for my naughty little AB. Experience this Dommy Mommy for Halloween. Josie 888~430~2010  
August 9, 2012

bdsm nursery, messy diapers

Mistress Veronika has a big red bdsm nursery for the little ones. I am a very avid fetish artist and my voice can tempt more desire than u even know u had so u will never be the same after a session with me. I practice a a level of domination where I take very much interest in the little details of making your diaper a bit too tight,making sure you have absolutely no other choice but to bow down before your sultry mistress and stay in that messy diaper like the whiny whipped little diaper slave you are. I will be your Mistress Mommy if you can handle me I will turn your world inside out and make you beg for the release of my hold but that is just not gonna happen Mistress V will put a spell on you! Have you the diapered balls to deal with me? Blindfolds and clamps XXX Veronika 1*888*430*2010
May 31, 2012


You like to participate in mommy roleplay it is always the best time to have all these question’s answered that you want to ask. This is som eof the questions I have been asked by my ab phone friends I play with. what happens if I draw where I should’nt mommy? well little one, you get to be in time out and stand in the corner with nothing but a diaper and your little pout. what if I don’t do what I am told Mommy? Well then you get mommy very angry and you do not wan to cross me. That is when mommy pulls that diaper down around your ankles and you get a taste of my paddle on your bare bottom. Oooh, that sound’s like it would make my bottom very red, mommy. Yes it certainly would, my ab honey. I am a big boy ,mommy I don’t wanna have diaper’s on I can go in the big boy potty chair. No absolutely not you’r not ready for that yet, big boy’s don’t wet themselves, your just a bitty ab you need to be treated like one. So its diapers for you from now on. Don’t keep me waiting I would wanna keep me happy give me a call now huggies and kissies Crissy Call 1*888*430*2010 or international 714*442*2402
February 5, 2012

Bratty Domme, Mean abdl Sitter

Listen up you little squirt, you may have ran off your last sitter but no one runs me off. You will find you have met your match, you bratty little adult baby! I am the Brattiest Domme Mean ABDL Sitter in town and you don’t stand a chance with me! The days are over when you get your way, from here on out we play by my rules. You are mistaken that you are the man of the house, you and your bloated self, but by the time I get through with you I will have your manhood and have you crying like the sissy wimp you are. In fact, let us get a look see at those precious jewels between your legs. Ha! I figured as much. A tiny pair of raisins and shrimp dick to boot, little man is way too big for his britches! *Laughs hysterically* why you are just a wannabe, your Mommy has filled your head with lies little man, you don’t belong in big boy pants you should be back in diapers and a pink dress as well. Look at you snivel just like the baby you are, we better get a diaper on before you wet yourself! Meet your new Mean ABDL Sitter, Bratty Domme Olivia! Olivia 1 888 430 2010