March 25, 2013

diapers and bondage

  Diapers and bondage Little baby bunting  Mommy’s gone hunting  for some diaper locks with shackles and chains  to put my naughty baby in. Mommy saw you looking at the diaper girls with no tops on Bad boy! You know what happens now  your punishment is to not be able to touch that dirty little peepee! Now maybe you will respect your powerful mommy before you  go around being a little perverted dirty thing! Veronika 1*888*430*2010
December 29, 2012

A Wish

Did you wish for something so extra special for Christmas got up that snowy morning looking forward to opening those gifts but the one thing you wished for wasn’t there.Well i am here to tell you why it wasn’t there that is because you have been a very naughty boi this year didn’t do what Victoria told you to.Like when i said you were to wear the sissy outfit to the office and didn’t.Oh i know you didn’t think i would find out hmm too bad i did. So tell me in that sissy voice of your’s what is going to be a New Year’s results of being a naughty boi hmm i think more corner time with that nose there and feet spread wide apart with the spreader bar attached,but mostly with that cute lil sissy outfit you know the one i am talking about. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
August 23, 2012

Force Diapering a big,hairy sissy boy

Force Diapering  a big hairy sissy boy is a very precise process. Steps are as follows: 1- Take away his Man clothes  2- Tell him not to use the bathroom only his diaper 3-give him a polar bear to ride that  is also diapered 4- make sure he knows any bad behavior will be meant with otk spankings 5- big hairy sissy boy will also enjoy being trained how to take a strap on     up his big hairy happy hole. Your sissy may be shy at first but a nice big glob of lube and rubbing of the sissy hole will help, to convince him to be a little more agreeable for the task. He will ask for your help and want your guidance to be a better sissy and obey his Mistress with her succulent Mommypillows. Bet I am making you thirsty too. Veronika  888-938-7382
August 22, 2012

Sexy Mistress Diapersissy mom

I am a sexy Mistress and I am also a Diapersissy  Mom. I was with my silly little diapersissy he kept blowing me kisses and telling me how excited he was to be in my care and how much he looked forward to seeing  his abdl mommy every week. He said Lookey ,Mommy I  got a new teddy just to play with for this occasion and I patted my little diaperlover’s head. “That is so cute sweety I am happy you got a big ,soft teddy to cuddle with when you are sleeping in your adult sized crib.” I said. I took his little hand and walked him into my bedroom and his eyes lit up with excitement when he saw what was waiting for him all laid out on my bed a brand new pink sissy dress and matching panties with little black maryjanes that had rhinestones in them. ” He clapped his little hands “Yay! I will be so pretty won’t I mommy”?   I said”Absolutely little one your gonna be a pretty pink princess!! “Oh,Boy Mommy lets get my dress on,ok”?  I walked him over to the bed and we stripped his clothes off and put the panties and dress on. “there you are ,don’t forget your shoes.” Mistress Mom, Veronika 888-938-7382