Adult Babies in Disguise
December 28, 2012
Love The Holidays!
December 31, 2012

Did you wish for something so extra special for Christmas got up that snowy morning looking forward to opening those gifts but the one thing you wished for wasn’t there.Well i am here to tell you why it wasn’t there that is because you have been a very naughty boi this year didn’t do what Victoria told you to.Like when i said you were to wear the sissy outfit to the office and didn’t.Oh i know you didn’t think i would find out hmm too bad i did.

So tell me in that sissy voice of your’s what is going to be a New Year’s results of being a naughty boi hmm i think more corner time with that nose there and feet spread wide apart with the spreader bar attached,but mostly with that cute lil sissy outfit you know the one i am talking about.



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