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Diaper bondage

My slave B really likes to endure diaper bondage he is kept in his diapers all day and overnight as well. 

I have chains around his waist and he is in wrist cuffs that are attached to his chains around his waist with a 

big shiny padlock that comes down over his naughty parts.

Diaper bondage Diaper bondage diapeee

Being teased and taunted mercilessly made to go pee in his diaper like the helpless smelly 

baby he is. B is crying now cause I am whipping ,cropping & hitting him with wet diapers, I have told him no one is coming to help him and he is in my 

cold ,unyielding truly terrifying grip. I am going to keep him in these chains & make sure he never forgets just

what it means to be regressed & then humiliated into a pissing ,shitting mass of pliable flesh I can punish as much I possibly want. His suffering will be heard all through the night.  

Horribly Dominant 

Mistress Veronika

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Force Diapering a big,hairy sissy boy

Force Diapering a big,hairy sissy boy Force Diapering a big,hairy sissy boy diaperman

Force Diapering  a big hairy sissy boy is a very precise process.

Steps are as follows:

1- Take away his Man clothes 

2- Tell him not to use the bathroom only his diaper

3-give him a polar bear to ride that  is also diapered

4- make sure he knows any bad behavior will be meant with otk spankings

5- big hairy sissy boy will also enjoy being trained how to take a strap on 

   up his big hairy happy hole.

Your sissy may be shy at first but a nice big glob of lube and rubbing of the sissy hole will help,

to convince him to be a little more agreeable for the task.

He will ask for your help and want your guidance to be a better sissy and obey his Mistress with her succulent Mommypillows.

Bet I am making you thirsty too.



fax Force Diapering a big,hairy sissy boy Force Diapering a big,hairy sissy boy FLMNetworkSig5036a5e68401c

Chastity and Locked in Diapers

Chastity and Locked in Diapers Chastity and Locked in Diapers chastity

I’m digging out the chastity belt for my sissy abie and other abies that I talk to might find I have a renewed interest in male chastity. I’m not quite sure what brought it on, but playfully teasing men in diapers who are also locked away in chastity belts is on the top of my list of what I want recently. Those who have played with me know how much I love to put sissies into locking plastic panties over their diapers and now they know I also love chastity play too. In my opinion it wouldn’t be fun to do it non stop without any breaks, but if the sissy gets out every once in awhile (especially if he is unlocked but doesn’t get to orgasm) it strengthens the submission and the bond. If you’re just locked in it indefinitely it would lose the excitement.

Miss Scarlet

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