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sissy bitch

sissy bitch sissy bitch sissness zpsf7429187

Sissy BITCH my little pantie waste what do u think u can do for your mistress mommy?

Anything useful like not stealing used panties out of the neighbors trash.

Bad ,naughty Bitch sissy!

What should I do with you making all that noise while you get your strap in training.

Squealing as Mommy plunders your ass pussy.

Do not look at me like that you mis-behave and you get punished that is how it works.

Nowwring the dirty,smelly pissy panties out and wash your face with piss now in front of your pretty boy friend.

Ooh I think you need to wash down all that stinky piss with his juicy cum!


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Paddled in pretty pink panties

Paddled in pretty pink panties Paddled in pretty pink panties paddlecallbutton 1

Sissy boy paddled in pretty pink panties.

dancing for my cameras eye.

What a silly little twit that thinks he can get away with

stealing the neighbor girls panties out of the backyard from the clothesline.

I paddled him good he knew I would.

Then I marched him over to the girls house in the panties and restrained in leather bondage cuffs.

He was made to knock and wait  horrified as the girl looked out the window & laughed so hard she cried.

So he says to me in his pathetic little voice stammering

” Mistress I tried… I really tried…It is hard to be good… I did try tho.”

I guess you will try harder next time !

Vicious Mistress V


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welcome to Diaper Sissy

welcome to Diaper Sissy welcome to Diaper Sissy welcome

Welcome to all of you sissies in diapers or sissies who should be in diapers. This is my very special sissy diaper blog. Two of my favorite topics are diapers and sissies so why not combine the two and make for one blog for both of them? I’ve played with many diapered sissies over the years I have been into domination and abdl. Sissies need someone to train them and work with them to ensure that they are well behaved and sweet as can be. Some of you are just rotten though and will need lots of punishments and assignments.

I’m going to use this blog to talk about the sissies I have talked to and my own abie sissy that I have at home. Also I am going to post words of advice and ideas for sissies who may need some guidance.

Miss Scarlet


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