diaperslave alyx
May 6, 2013
Pay Tribute to your ABDL Mommy
May 10, 2013

Sissy BITCH my little pantie waste what do u think u can do for your mistress mommy?

Anything useful like not stealing used panties out of the neighbors trash.

Bad ,naughty Bitch sissy!

What should I do with you making all that noise while you get your strap in training.

Squealing as Mommy plunders your ass pussy.

Do not look at me like that you mis-behave and you get punished that is how it works.

Nowwring the dirty,smelly pissy panties out and wash your face with piss now in front of your pretty boy friend.

Ooh I think you need to wash down all that stinky piss with his juicy cum!



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