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Diapered sissy&pantieboy

Diapered sissy&pantieboy Diapered sissy&pantieboy diapered1

This is the tale of diapered sissy & pantie boy. diapered sissy was a very funny looking little sissy he had pink diapers

with sparkly stickers all over his diapers he had such a lisp but was a very sweet sissy. Always did just what I want him to.

One day I brought him a pink party dress and he got so excited his little bitty pee pee nearly popped out of his pink diaper.

I slipped it over his head it looked so pretty on him.

“Oh mommy I love it”,he said it is so pretty and I like to be pretty for you I do very much. I said “I know you and I have an idea for a game would u like that”?  “yes he said I would like it very much playing a game with you.”

With that I brought my pantieboy from the other side of the house and sat him down in his pretty frilly pink panties.

“Ok,sissy you need to get down there and be a good little sissy and take pantieboy’s big peepee and pop in your mouth.

That is good make sure it is all in there. pantieboy was so turned on. I just knew these two would stay friends.


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Sissy AB Training

We have a guest blogger today. A subbie in sissy training completed an assignment, part of which is to write a blog entry about his sissy ab training. Enjoy

Sissy AB Training Sissy AB Training 1290083490197

“I have been instructed by Miss Scarlet to write a blog entry for her detailing the treatment I have been forced to endure at her hands as a result of my recent enrollment in her Sissy AB Boot Camp.  It wasn’t my choice to be here, but it seems I don’t make a lot of choices anymore.  My life has slowly been transformed from that of a normal adult male to that of one of Miss Scarlet’s diapered sissies.  I am kept in diapers, forced to use them, and made to endure harsh punishments and humiliations meted out daily by Miss Scarlet and her friends.

I am often left confined to wet and/or messy diapers for long periods of time, my compliance enforced by locking plastic panties.  My former wardrobe of jeans, tshirts, and the like is a thing of the past, now replaced with onesies, dresses, plastic panties, and tights, all in pink and white, and decked out with ruffles whenever possible.  I spend much of my time now sucking on pacifiers, and my diet is now primarily pureed foods bottle-fed liquids.  Enemas, suppositories, and other treatments are used to make sure my thick diapers are kept wet and messy for as much time as possible, and I am allowed precious few changes to make sure my discomfort lasts for quite a while.  I have been sent out in public on humiliating assignments and shopping trips that get more and more embarrassing with every new task.  If I am sent to buy diapers, for example, I am forced to return not only with diapers, but with a note signed by the female cashier that explains how not only are the diapers for me, but they are worn as a part of my sissy retraining as opposed to a medical condition.

I offer my tale as a warning to anyone who may get trapped by Miss Scarlet…  Her methods are harsh, yet effective.  Once she sets her sights on transforming you into her next diapered sissy, the best you can do is comply.  Resisting will only make it harder on you.   Though more fun for her, she delights in breaking through whatever meager resistance you can muster.  And she is quite good at it too.

At any rate, I have to leave…. I’ve got a few public assignments that need doing.  But I have a feeling you’ll be hearing from me once again, should Miss Scarlet decide it necessary.”

Thank you Baby Shadow for your entry. I look forward to seeing how you do with the rest of your assignment.

Miss Scarlet


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