A Magnificent Dress It was blue in colour, and the gown itself was of the size of a small child's gown.
Mommy Spoils Her Baby
October 25, 2015
Back to school time is a special occasion for everyone. Back to school is still written on the blackboard in the image.
A Fun Weekend with Mommy
October 26, 2015

Sissy, Sissy

Well what have we here? A big whinny sissy boy! Do you really think that I will let you get away with this naughtiness? Bad behavior does not get rewarded! You will come over here right this minute. Stop that whining now. Where ever did you get that dildo from? Don’t try and pretend that I didn’t see you in the corner with your hand in your diaper, and playing with that big dildo. I saw it and now you will pay for it.

Come here! Where did you get this dildo from? Oh my! Not the babysitter when she stayed last weekend with you. Now let me check that diaper first. Of course as I suspected you made a big mess in your diaper from playing with that pecker. You came all in it and now you need to be cleaned up.  But first things first, bend over my lap. Yes that is my leather paddle you see. I am going to use this leather paddle on your bare butt. Stop whining, sissy boy! I am going to show you where this dildo goes for you, sissy boy.

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Sissy, Sissy

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