The lady was dressed in a white western costume dress with panty, and she was showing off her ample assets.
Sissy, Sissy
October 25, 2015
a pair of sissy pants in pink and white The lady was dressed in a frilly sissy panty that was pink and white in color and did not have any designs on it.
Dressing Up My Little Baby
October 27, 2015

Just this weekend, I finally followed through and taught my son how to suck his daddy’s thick cock so that he can be a good little sissy slut. First, I told him his daddy likes his girls to be very pretty, and that if he wanted to be like mommy, he would have to be very pretty too. I had him strip down and put on a pair of lacy, black panties and a pretty bralette. My baby boy’s pretty clitty is so little it fits nicely into the panties, even though I can see how hard he is. Then, I put him down on his knees and showed him how to unzip his daddy’s pants and tug down his boxers. Hubby was very hard at this point, and I knew he would not last long. Finally, my baby boy opened his mouth as wide as he could and popped his daddy’s head into his mouth. I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed him down on Hubby’s cock until he was gagging. He could only take four or five inches of it, but it didn’t matter because Hubby came as soon as he hit the back of my son’s throat. He spilled his seed right into his throat, but baby boy wasn’t ready and ended up spitting most of the sticky white cum onto the ground. I told him we couldn’t let any of it go to waste, so I pushed his head down and made sure he licked it all up from the floor. Then, to reward him, I gave him a long, deep kiss and squeezed his baby clitty until he came all in his panties. I loved tasting his daddy on him. Maybe we can start his sissy training soon. I hope one day my son grows up to be a good cock sucking sissy bitch just like his older brothers.


— Barbie <3


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