A girl's gown is shown in the image, and it is very pretty in light pink.
Perfect Sissy Boy
October 25, 2015
The lady was dressed in a white western costume dress with panty, and she was showing off her ample assets.
Sissy, Sissy
October 25, 2015

Good morning my little adult baby.

Mommy made you a big yummy breakfast downstairs. Mommy lifts you and sits you up in your high chair at the table. I strap the little belt across your waist so my sweet baby doesn’t fall out.

Mommy made you a supper nummy breakfast to start off a super fun day. I made you some pancakes! Some are heart shaped because I love my little baby. Some are diaper shaped. And some are dress shaped. Mommy knows how much her sissy baby loves their dresses.

If you eat all your breakfast like a good boi Mommy will take you shopping for a new dress! We can get you some new shoes to go with them and we can even stop in the diaper isle and get you some new plushy diapers!

Today is going to be fun baby, Mommy is going to spoil you all day!



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