Darkest Fantasies
October 24, 2015
A Magnificent Dress It was blue in colour, and the gown itself was of the size of a small child's gown.
Mommy Spoils Her Baby
October 25, 2015

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I got the chance to play with the most well behaved little sissy boy the other day! He told me that he just loved to be put in adult baby diapers. They got him so excited! Well knowing that, I made it my personal mission to have him make a big mess of a certain sort in his diaper for me. He listened to everything I said, and when I had him lay across my lap and give him a few hard spankings just because I can, he could hardly contain himself! It was so sweet how submissive he became as soon as I had the tape of his diaper fastened around his waist. After I took my time spanking his bottom, I had him slip his hand inside of his diaper and start playing with his little pecker. I love seeing it poke out from behind the diaper whether it is big or small.




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