September 21, 2012

Diaper bondage

My slave B really likes to endure diaper bondage he is kept in his diapers all day and overnight as well.  I have chains around his waist and he is in wrist cuffs that are attached to his chains around his waist with a  big shiny padlock that comes down over his naughty parts. Being teased and taunted mercilessly made to go pee in his diaper like the helpless smelly  baby he is. B is crying now cause I am whipping ,cropping & hitting him with wet diapers, I have told him no one is coming to help him and he is in my  cold ,unyielding truly terrifying grip. I am going to keep him in these chains & make sure he never forgets just what it means to be regressed & then humiliated into a pissing ,shitting mass of pliable flesh I can punish as much I possibly want. His suffering will be heard all through the night.   Horribly Dominant  Mistress Veronika
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