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smug little,diaper slave

smug little,diaper slave smug little,diaper slave dslave

Smug little,diaper slave thinks he will have an easier time
in my playroom because he has money,I don’t think so money won’t buy you mercy with me. It will give me much more time to make you suffer from all the wonderous diaper punishments I can dream up just for you. So get ready to abandon all hope when u get to my door as I have a whole lot of sadistic fun planned for you. Spankings,diaper domination,floggings,diaper timeout,punishment enemas,public potty sittings,enforced crib sittings,messy diaper displays& many forms of sissification.

If your capable of following my rules you may find your self in a very nice atmosphere if you mis-behave how ever I will most definitely devise a regiment of painful punishing techniques to put you back under control.

Till next time
The Viciousness herself
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sissy bed wetter

sissy bed wetter sissy bed wetter diaperabmommy

It’s that time of day when sissy bed wetters are about to wake up and find themselves in soaked sheets. Maybe those wet pants sissies should have let Mommy diaper them. At the very least they should have diapered up before heading into dream land. You know that when Mommy diapers you sissy that there will be very girly humiliating diapers involved. I’d most likely put you in thick cloth diapers and frilly plastic pants. If you give me too much trouble about that then your bottom will get reintroduced to my hairbrush

Miss Scarlet


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