October 31, 2015

Halloween Fun pt 3

If you missed the beginning of this Halloween tale of helping some of my ABDLs dress up for Halloween. It starts in Phoneamommy.com and also is at abdlblog.com. Here I am telling you about how we helped Tina live out her adult baby life in public without anyone knowing she was. That is the greatest part of Halloween, being able to live your fantasy for a night. Well Tina makes such a beautiful adult baby. We decided to go all out. What do you think? She had a party to go to and I’m sure her “costume” was a hit. The last adult baby I helped that afternoon was Ryan.  Ryan too wanted to dress as baby but he was going to staying home and handing out candy to kids. I like his idea to let kids have an early experience to see an adult baby in person. Let them know they aren’t alone. I know all my abdls had a happy Halloween. Let me know how yours went. Mommy Liz  888-430-2010
October 29, 2015

Strap On Training

I think it’s about time for some good ol fashioned pegging phone sex. You lubing up that ass for me you little pegging slut? Mmm I’m going to stand behind that little ass of yours and put on my nice thick strap on. It’s the big black one just like you like it. I’m going to rub my big mushroom head all over that little puckered hole of yours. Are you ready for my cock? This is your training you little slut. You need to learn how to take my cock if you ever want to be able to take a real cock up that ass. Just imagine a real man grabbing onto those hips of yours and stuffing his big thick rod inside that hot little hole. Are you ready for a real cock? I’m going to keep pounding that ass of yours until you can take it like a good bitch. Stick that ass out for me so I can slap it . Are you ready to cum? You better be rubbing that little pecker between those legs of yours. Be a good little bitch and have some strap on training phone sex. Candy 888 430-2010
October 27, 2015

Halloween for Sissies

It’s that time of the year! That enchanting smell that comes with fall weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and Halloween. What better opportunity is there for a sissy to go out on the town in the frilliest of gowns?  Imagine how much fun you can have just preparing for the event. Going to the store and finding a Barbie pink dress with a full skirt so that you can wear a diaper underneath with no one the wiser. A trip to the makeup counter for a bright lipstick to match. After that, returning home and trying it all on in front of your mirror, looking at what a beautiful sissy you are. That’s so exciting! I love hearing about sissies dressing up in girly clothes and hiding a diaper underneath. Maybe with lacy underwear over it! Are you planning on going out in your sissy wears? Call Mommy Laura and tell me all about it. Lauren 888*430*2010
October 27, 2015

Dressing Up My Little Baby

My little boy is so much better as a sissy in a dress. Brian turns into Briana like magic when I slip him into a lacy skirt and top. Briana squeals with delight at anything pink and loves to play with mommy’s makeup. I see how Briana looks enviously at my painted nails, but I can’t let her use my nail polish on her own fingers like she wants- she would make such a mess! My makeup is fine though. She’s darling with a bit of barbie pink lipstick on her chubby baby lips. I brush her hair, sometimes curling it, and always put in a little ribbon bow. She says that her friends tease her but I tell her they’re just jealous of how pretty she is. That makes her blush bright red. She’s the best sissy a mommy could ever wish for! Want to talk to a mommy about your pretty clothes? I’m Mommy Lauren at 888*938*7382   
October 26, 2015

A Fun Weekend with Mommy

Just this weekend, I finally followed through and taught my son how to suck his daddy’s thick cock so that he can be a good little sissy slut. First, I told him his daddy likes his girls to be very pretty, and that if he wanted to be like mommy, he would have to be very pretty too. I had him strip down and put on a pair of lacy, black panties and a pretty bralette. My baby boy’s pretty clitty is so little it fits nicely into the panties, even though I can see how hard he is. Then, I put him down on his knees and showed him how to unzip his daddy’s pants and tug down his boxers. Hubby was very hard at this point, and I knew he would not last long. Finally, my baby boy opened his mouth as wide as he could and popped his daddy’s head into his mouth. I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed him down on Hubby’s cock until he was gagging. He could only take four or five inches of it, but it didn’t matter because Hubby came as soon as he hit the back of my son’s throat. He spilled his seed right into his throat, but baby boy wasn’t ready and ended up spitting most of the sticky white cum onto the ground. I told him we couldn’t let any of it go to waste, so I pushed his head down and made sure he licked it all up from the floor. Then, to reward him, I gave him a long, deep kiss and squeezed his baby clitty until he came all in his panties. I loved tasting his daddy on him. Maybe we can start his sissy training soon. I hope one day my son grows up to be a good cock sucking sissy bitch just like his older brothers. — Barbie <3 888-430-2010
October 25, 2015
Sissy, Sissy

Sissy, Sissy

Well what have we here? A big whinny sissy boy! Do you really think that I will let you get away with this naughtiness? Bad behavior does not get rewarded! You will come over here right this minute. Stop that whining now. Where ever did you get that dildo from? Don’t try and pretend that I didn’t see you in the corner with your hand in your diaper, and playing with that big dildo. I saw it and now you will pay for it. Come here! Where did you get this dildo from? Oh my! Not the babysitter when she stayed last weekend with you. Now let me check that diaper first. Of course as I suspected you made a big mess in your diaper from playing with that pecker. You came all in it and now you need to be cleaned up.  But first things first, bend over my lap. Yes that is my leather paddle you see. I am going to use this leather paddle on your bare butt. Stop whining, sissy boy! I am going to show you where this dildo goes for you, sissy boy. Call Tawny (888) 430-2010
October 25, 2015

Mommy Spoils Her Baby

Good morning my little adult baby. Mommy made you a big yummy breakfast downstairs. Mommy lifts you and sits you up in your high chair at the table. I strap the little belt across your waist so my sweet baby doesn’t fall out. Mommy made you a supper nummy breakfast to start off a super fun day. I made you some pancakes! Some are heart shaped because I love my little baby. Some are diaper shaped. And some are dress shaped. Mommy knows how much her sissy baby loves their dresses. If you eat all your breakfast like a good boi Mommy will take you shopping for a new dress! We can get you some new shoes to go with them and we can even stop in the diaper isle and get you some new plushy diapers! Today is going to be fun baby, Mommy is going to spoil you all day! 1-888-430-2010 Jenna  
October 25, 2015

Perfect Sissy Boy

I got the chance to play with the most well behaved little sissy boy the other day! He told me that he just loved to be put in adult baby diapers. They got him so excited! Well knowing that, I made it my personal mission to have him make a big mess of a certain sort in his diaper for me. He listened to everything I said, and when I had him lay across my lap and give him a few hard spankings just because I can, he could hardly contain himself! It was so sweet how submissive he became as soon as I had the tape of his diaper fastened around his waist. After I took my time spanking his bottom, I had him slip his hand inside of his diaper and start playing with his little pecker. I love seeing it poke out from behind the diaper whether it is big or small. XOXO, Barb 888-430-2010
October 24, 2015

Darkest Fantasies

Wow where has the month gone? Can you believe it is mid-October already? You know what they always say, time really flies when you’re having fun! And what better way to spice up this halloween with a little fetish phone sex! I know all sorts of perverts who are getting ready for this spooky crazy time of year. And with it being halloween that just gives us an excuse to be as dirty and naughty as we please! So what type of pervert are you? Maybe you’re a panty boy in need of a mommy to put on some sexy lingere on you? Or maybe you’re a little abdl boy who needs a mommy to change his diaper and take care of you? Or maybe you’re a loser cuckold who is looking for a hot wife to watch get fucked right in front of you because you’ll never be the man she desires? You might even be a peverted diaper lover who loves to jerk his cock in his pamper and have dirty diaper sex. No matter what you’re into, it’s no surprise for me because i’ve seen it all. I want to know your dirtiest darkest fantasies with some good ol no taboo phone sex! Crissy 888*430*2010