The lady had a pair of sexy bosoms and was dressed in a western attire.
Strap On Training
October 29, 2015
A Sweet and Seductive Lady The woman was just partially clothed. And she has the appearance of a candy doll.
Sissy Whorehouse Halloween
November 1, 2015
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Halloween Fun pt 3

If you missed the beginning of this Halloween tale of helping some of my ABDLs dress up for Halloween. It starts in and also is at

Here I am telling you about how we helped Tina live out her adult baby life in public without anyone knowing she was. That is the greatest part of Halloween, being able to live your fantasy for a night.

Well Tina makes such a beautiful adult baby. We decided to go all out. What do you think?

baby girlShe had a party to go to and I’m sure her “costume” was a hit.

The last adult baby I helped that afternoon was Ryan.  Ryan too wanted to dress as baby but he was going to staying home and handing out candy to kids. I like his idea to let kids have an early experience to see an adult baby in person. Let them know they aren’t alone.

adblI know all my abdls had a happy Halloween. Let me know how yours went.

Mommy Liz


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