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Boy Clothes
September 24, 2015
Graney is lying down on the floor, wearing an adult big diaper in pink.
Wearing Diapers With Mommy
September 26, 2015

Well a group of my adorable diaper lovers decided to help me with my garden harvest. I’v ebeen slowly harvesting for weeks but there was still much to be done. They showed up at the break of down and I marveled at how cute they all looked in their overalls and some with pacifiers protruding from their plump lips.

I made sure all of them had clean diapers and none needed a feeding before we headed out to the garden. I showed the youngest babies how to pick the tomatoes and peppers. Others helped harvest the last few pumpkins on the vines and then there was the peanuts and potatoes to dig up. They were given little spades and away we dug and tugged until lots of little peanuts emerged and plump potatoes came up.

Oh yes it was a wonderful morning of harvest and to reward them for their help I make my adult babies a  wonderful tasty lunch and give them all loving baths. Some get breastfed and other get different pleasures.

Yes Mommy Liz loves her babies helping.

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