A tomato garden is depicted in the image, and one man is picking up a tomato.
Harvesting the Garden
September 26, 2015
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Seductress Mommy Candy
September 27, 2015


As a special treat to my adult babies and diaper lovers alike, I think that it might be fun to get into something a little different one of these days. I was thinking about having a session in which I take my time taking care of whichever lucky ABDL gets to come and spend this time with me. I will take off that stinky diaper that they come to me in and gently wipe them down and make sure they are squeaky clean! After I get my nice big bottle of baby powder out and sprinkle it all over my little one, I will take my hand and move it between their legs, rubbing in the powder until they are nice and soft and smelling nice. Then it is Mommy’s turn! Come on, baby! I will lay down in front of them, spreading my legs now, and waiting for them to clean me up and diaper me so we can play together!



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