There is a Baby Nipple; it is transparent white in colour.
Stinky Diapers
September 21, 2015
A tomato garden is depicted in the image, and one man is picking up a tomato.
Harvesting the Garden
September 26, 2015


Mommy’s little Sissy ABDL is in big trouble. I caught you wearing boy clothes. Sissy bitches like you don’t get to wear boy clothes. You are too much of a sissy  to dress like a boy, it’s princess dresses and panties for this sissy boy. How dare you think that you could ever be a boy. I have seen girls with bigger cocks then you. Mommy is going to have to punish you for being so naughty. I am going to make you stand out in front of the liquor store so that all the old drunks can look at my pretty little sissy, maybe I will even let them touch you, put their hands down your diaper and stroke that tiny useless cock of yours. I think I will even let them take you behind the bushes and peg that naughty ass of yours. Maybe next time you will be a good diaper sissy and stay in your proper clothes.


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