ABDL Ryan is Turning 4
September 20, 2015
A Hot Lady The woman was dressed in a pink western attire.
Boy Clothes
September 24, 2015

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Yuck! The last thing mommy wants to smell when she gets home is that nasty, stinky diaper you have been wearing since I left for work this morning! You said you could hold it until I came home, but I knew you would never be able to. There is no way your little bladder and your tiny pee pee could hold back all that for the whole day until I got back here to change you. It is kind of funny, and almost sad looking at you sitting over there, confused and looking miserable as you sit in that messy, wet diaper. All you can do is wait for me to change you. I have too much power over you. You would never dare to talk back to me because you know that mommy is in charge, and you also know just what would happen if you did try to give me any lip!



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