The Abdl Twins are standing for the photoshoot in the image.
Lizabeth’s Identical Sissies
October 11, 2015
A stylish girl is posing for the photoshoot, and she is lovely. She displays her sexy hips.
Sharing Mommy’s Pet
October 11, 2015

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You are usually a very obedient and well behaved adult baby. Sometimes though, you make huge stinky messes in your adult baby diapers! That is not the problem, of course. I am a mommy and am always well prepared to get you out of that messy diaper and into a fresh and clean one at a moment’s notice! The real problem lies in the fact that you have figured out how to put off me finding out by not squirming around when you mess in them, and even making sure to keep away from me so I do not smell it! So naughty of you! I know my little sissy likes his diapers, but mommy likes a clean and nice smelling baby! I will have to start spanking your bottom for embarrassing me like that when we go out to eat with my girlfriends… We are always enjoying a nice time, me thinking your diaper is still clean since I changed you so soon, and then all of us realizing that you made a huge mess! What a bad and naughty baby you can be sometimes!




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