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October 10, 2015
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October 11, 2015
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Lizabeth’s Identical Sissies

Two of my favorite ABDLs  are Rory and Morris. These two are identical twins though they keep slight differences so the world can tell them apart. They love to throw off the shackles of their daily tough lives and be turned into sissies.

Some days it’s as easy as giving a nice bubble bath and then diapering them and other times it’s full out turning them girly sissies.  The first time they asked me to paint their toe nails or help them pick out frilly bloomers are memories I treasure. They are the sweetest boys and I love our get-togethers.

Last week we got together and I spent the entire day pampering them. They had on such pretty bloomers over their diapers and the most adorable dresses. They looked like identical dolls made for me to play with. I took a few pictures but promised I’d never share those particular photos. They loved them though and I adore these two.

mmm would you like to be pampered too?


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