A girl is lying in bed, exposing her sexy boobs and looking lovely.
Mother May I
October 9, 2015
The Abdl Twins are standing for the photoshoot in the image.
Lizabeth’s Identical Sissies
October 11, 2015

Good morning my little sissy boy. It’s time to wake up and get you dressed for work.

Let’s take this full, dirty diaper off and get a fresh one on you. I’ll hold your legs up in the air and wipe your bottom and around your little pee pee with soft scented wipes. We’ll get you all nice and cleaned up. Then Mommy will slide a nice fresh diaper under my cute little adult baby.

You have the cutest little sleepy face when you rub your eyes and yawn. I pour some powder in my hands and rub them over your little bum and around your pee pee and a little down the inside of your legs. Then I’ll fold the diaper over you and pull the tabs nice and tight in the front so your diaper is snug and cozy.

I’ll kiss your forehead and then walk to the kitchen to pack you a yummy lunch.




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