Boy is laying in bed while attractive girl is dressed in Penis sexy material.
Smelling Stinky Diapers
October 11, 2015
A girl is punishing her boyfriend, and a man apologises to her, and the girl is using sexy products.
Naughty Diaper Sissy
October 12, 2015


Tonight’s a big night for you, Little Miss! I’ve picked out lots of pretty Sissy dresses that I think you’re going to love, and a bunch of frilly panties and bras to match! We’re going to get you all dressed up and then some of Mommy’s friends will be coming over to help me take care of you. We’re all going take turns breastfeeding you, holding you close to us as you suckle away on our big, squishy tits. Once you’ve had enough of that, then it will probably be time for a diaper change! We can all smell your full, stinky diaper..and we know exactly how to fix that! Each of us will take our time wiping you clean, and instead of getting a new diaper, we’re going to put you in a cute thong. After that, we’ll all do your hair and makeup, making sure that you look absolutely perfect for our guest of honor. You can just call him Daddy; and he’s going to turn you into his sex slave tonight!

Mommy can’t wait to see your pretty face when he fucks your tight little ass!




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