diapergirl addiction
February 11, 2013
To all my Sissies, Diaper Lovers, and Abies Alike
February 14, 2013
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Sissybitch dressed in your frilly little dress, don’t you think it is best to impress your mistress?

Maybe if you are lucky you won’t be punished tonight we will see just how obedient you are.

Get on your knees spread them thighs real wide that is right you know what comes next grab your ass cheeks 

and no clenching while I shove this big black dildo in that tender pink hole!

Oh no you don’t quit your whimpering right this minute or I will give you something even harder to deal with.

sissy bitch you wear your pretty pink panties that are crumpled on the floor over there.

They cover that man cunt you have hiding up there.

I can hear you moaning you are getting very good at enjoying your training , who knows next time we could try a live cock if you are still being good that is.



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