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Just Another Cuckold
February 13, 2016
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Come to Mommy You Filthy Sissy Slut
April 10, 2016

Hello my little ABDLs, are you ready for more Nursery Stories? Then here we go!

“Well then,” I said, quite a bit more confidently than I felt, “I guess it’s time to check that diaper of yours, hmm?” His eyes got wide and confused, and then a small, surprised smile crossed his lips and his eyes started to light up, hopeful.

I gathered him up in my arms, hugging him and stroking his hair, nuzzling his neck, rubbing his back…then I slid my hand down his back, sticking two fingers inside his pants, and then his diaper. I reached my fingers down and blushed as I felt the wetness.

“Oh my!” I exclaimed. “It certainly feels like someone needs a change!” With that, I smacked his diapered bottom and ushered him up onto the changing table. He looked so nervous lying there; I shushed him softly and reached for a pacifier to put in his mouth. “There. All better.”

I turned my head towards his diaper and held my breath while I unbuttoned and pulled off his pants…


Love, hugs, and diaper pats,

Nanny Ella

*Don’t forget, sweet ones, Nanny Ella can make up a story all about you, and roleplay the type of scenes that I describe online! Give me a call…and play with me in my ABDL nursery…*


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