Diapers and Chastity
October 9, 2008
Oh, the Magical World of Fantasy
October 11, 2008

Mommy loves sissy baby!
Mommy dresses you up in a pretty pink dress and teaches you how to sing “I am a Little Tea Pot”. Mommy then invites all my friends over so my little sissy baby can sing our new song to them. They laugh and laugh and Mommy’s little sissy baby gets so excited you wet your nappy. Mommy did not say you could wet your nappy. You are going to get a spanking for being a bad little sissy baby. Mommy turns you over her knee and gives you three swats on your little sissy bottom. All Mommy’s friends laugh at your little sissy bottom getting swats. Now you be a good little sissy baby for Mommy!

Dommy Mommy Lexus

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