Daddy’s Lil Princess
July 4, 2013
sissy diaperslave becca
July 8, 2013

diaperfunnyThere is so many ways that we check diapers sometimes we automatically stick our hands down in those cute diapers without sniffing first and come out with a hand dirtier than it went in.But what the heck i sometimes enjoy checking those diapers but when my hand comes out with something on it i promise you there will be a price to pay and i don’t mean in money either.Whining doesn’t help neither does that sad face so what do you think should happen umm  well i think a nice hard spanking after you are cleaned up good especially when i take you outside for all to see while i hose you down.

Think i really care if your scared or will be humiliated you got that right i don’t care i will enjoy hearing the laughs from the neighbors and especially your boss that lives next door well see the thing is you should not have made a big mess and not said nothing you thought it was cute and funny.



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