Sweet but Naughty ABDL Mommy
July 3, 2013
Diaper Changes
July 6, 2013


Boy did I get in trouble the other day!  I was trying SO hard to be good, but I spilled my chocolate milk on the new carpet and Daddy got mad.  He’s told me and told me not to take my drinks in the room with the new carpet, but I snuck it in there anyway.  I was playing with my toys and knocked the cup right off the table, and milk went everywhere!  It was awful!

Daddy came in and saw the stain and started to frown.  He asked me if I had made that mess, and I couldn’t lie to him, because lying is NOT allowed!  I looked down at my toes and whispered “Yes, Daddy.  I spilled my milk.”

Daddy made me walk over to him, pull my dress up and lay over his knee for my spanking.  He slid my diaper off and paddled my bottom with his bare hand.  Oh how it made me cry!  I cried and sniffled and promised Daddy that I would remember next time and be a better girl for him.

After giving it some thought, and asking if I’d learned my lesson this time, Daddy rubbed his hand lightly over my sore, red bottom.  It was so sore that even his light touch stung a little, but …it felt good too.  Made me feel kind of “tickly” and I started to giggle.

As I wiggled and giggled on Daddy’s lap, he pointed at the front of his pants and said “Now look what all that wiggling and giggling has done to Daddy, my little Princess.”

I look over and saw Daddy’s pants sticking straight out!  Daddy showed me how to make that little problem all better and told me I would always be his Little Princess!




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