Mommy’s panties
August 16, 2011
Bad Boys Wear Diapers
August 19, 2011

I love having sex in a diaper as much as I love being an Adult Baby.  Seeing a hot guy or a cute boy in a diaper is such a turn on for me.  I’m always daydreaming and fantasizing about different guys in diapers.  I wonder what my UPS guy would look like in a diaper he is so muscular and I just know he would be so hot in some pampers.  Eminem would also look so sexy in a diaper, I want to lay him down and open his diaper and pee in it.  Tehehehe I think that’s so hot I would love to make him blow his big load in his diaper!!!

Playing with a nice big cock that’s in a diaper is another way to make my little clitty hard.  Stroking it from the outside and feeling it get hard then sliding my hand in to the diaper and stroking it till you blow a nice big load in your diaper.

Diapergirl Betsy


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