A gorgeous and seductive woman is posing for shots while seated on a bed and flashing her nude boobs.
ABDL Thanksgiving
November 27, 2015
A Pink Princess Dress The doll was dressed in a pink princess gown. It's standing close to the window.
You’re Mommy’s Little Girl
November 28, 2015

crissy 5


Hey there my fetish phone sex lovers. You want to know the one thing that’s better than Black Friday? Well I’ll tell you right now! The one thing that’s better than black friday is getting all the deals from black friday but not having to do any of the work to get them! I sent all of my little submissive slaves out the night before to camp out for me and get me exactly what I wanted. The best part on top of that is that I didn’t even have to spend any of my own money. They all payed in full because I’m a phone sex princess and should be treated as such. I had one hit up walmart for me and I had one hit up best buy and the other hit up target. I got everything I wanted this Christmas and I didn’t even have to leave my home or even lift a finger! That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be too. So no limits phone sex lovers, what do you want for Christmas this year? Tell me all about it next time you decide to call me!









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