The lady was naked and clad only in a pair of black high-heeled slippers. She had a hot and fetishistic appearance.
Femdom Mommy
November 24, 2015
A Sexy Milf Sexy Boobs white attire, the lady looks lovely.
Black Friday
November 27, 2015


I had the best thanksgving with my abdl phone sex abbies. We pulled out the big table and had to set it nicely for dinner. I can’t tell you how many high chairs we had to pull out for this feast! We had to line them all up one next to the other. Of course my little ones don’t know how to chew yet so they got their bottles and I fed them some yams! Oh they absolultey loved it I dont think they’re going to want to go back to baby food after that! I had to make sure all their bibs were on them properly before I started feeding them! I got them all cute little thanksgiving onesies and I didn’t want them to be ruined! It’s a good thing that I remembered the bibs because they had no trouble getting those yams everywhere! I think they liked the whipped cream more than the yams because they kept crying for more!! It was such a great night and we were all very thankful that day. I am so lucky to be able to call these cute little adult babies my own! I can’t wait for Christmas because that’s when I really get to spoil my little diaper phone sex lovers! What are you thankful for this year?


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