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January 16, 2016
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Sissy Baby Fun
January 18, 2016

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As an abdl mommy, I have many little ones to take care of! I welcome any who need to be cared for no matter what their situation might be or what happen to be their favorite things! This mommy caters to all of the needs of adult babies and diaper lovers alike! A crib complete with mobiles overhead to lull you to sleep after mommy’s lullaby and she has slipped off. Pillows and blankets (or blankies if you need one!) are tucked neatly inside with plenty of stuffed animals. My little diaper sissies always get the prettiest nightgowns to wear when it is time to go to sleep. Of course, since they do not have to be taken care of in quite the same ways as my adult babies, they get bigger beds instead of cribs unless they want one. I get to tuck them into their soft sheets and thick comforters, placing a big kiss on their foreheads before saying goodnight!




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