In order to pose for the photographs, a Barbie Baby is donning a baby attire.
My Adult baby Caught wearing My Thongs: Part 3
January 13, 2016
The image shows a unicorn plush toy that appears to be a soft stuffed toy.
Barb’s Babies
January 17, 2016

images (10)My new boyfriend has a secret. He loves to wear diapers. Just like a little baby. He loves other things of course. But his favorite is when I put him in his diaper my big adult baby. After he has his diaper on I can do anything else I want to him. I can dress him up like my little baby girl, or I can play domination games with him and he will do whatever it is I tell him. Sometimes we even switch and he will be my master and I his baby girl. He will put me in one of his diapers and make me do all sorts of hot nasty things to him. I like it when he checks my diaper to see if I am wet and then puts me over his knee and spanks me because I always am. He knows how hot and wet this makes me and I have beg him to play with me till I have cum so many times I collapse in his lap. Who knew I would be so lucky to find my perfect boyfriend?  I defiantly have the best of both worlds. I will be your girlfriend call.

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