Standing for the photo shoot, a fetish woman is wearing a black clothing and a black bra.
Say Bye Bye to the Wizard
January 21, 2016
Rubber-pant fetish sissies mommy milfs playing sex on the phone in diapers
A Sissy to Snuggle
January 24, 2016
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Panty Snatcher!


What do we have here? Do I see you putting mommy’s panties on over that big bulky pamper? What a dirty little diaper sissy you are! My panty drawer has been completly swiped clean! They somehow always find their way in your room and into your hamper.   You need to learn to be sneakier if you’re trying to be mommy’s  little panty snatcher. You should of just told Mommy that you wanted to wear pretty panties just like hers. But we need to get my sissy girl a couple pairs of her own panties because those panties are for big girls and grown ups. You’re still a big sissy adult baby so we need to get you plastic panties and pretty ruffled panties to wear over your diaper! It’s time for mommy to take her little abdl panty lover on a shopping spree! After Mommy is through with you you’ll never have to sneak mommy’s panties away ever again!



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