A baby boy is sucking while lying on the bed. He is wearing a cap, and she is wearing a yellow t-shirt.
Nursery Tales with Nanny Ella – Chapter 2
January 20, 2016
Panty Snatcher!
January 24, 2016

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Hi there fetish lovers. Mommy Ava here. I just can’t seem to watch the news anymore. So many deaths in Hollywood really make this abdl mommy sad. I am so upset about Snape from Harry Potter dying! I thought he was such a sad little cutie in the earlier movies I would of loved to just take him home with me and turn him into my own big adult baby! He always seemed so lonely and looked like he had a lot of mommy issues! Maybe he wouldn’t of had so many mommy issues if I was his mommy! I’m even make a potion to make him always want to be my little adult baby boy forever and ever. No more potions class for Snape because he’ll be too busy with his mommy for playtime and feeding time! My very own little or shall I say big, wizard adult baby!

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