Panty Snatcher!
January 24, 2016
She holds the teddy bear in her palm while posing with a diaper toy guy.
Nursery Tales with Nanny Ella – Chapter 3
January 24, 2016

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These long, cold winter months have come up on us fast! It seemed like it might be a tame winter for a while, but now the biting cold is threatening to creep under my doors and through my walls! Of course, my bed is nice and warm. I have lots of fluffy pillows, and a comforter that is so soft, you would not believe it unless you felt it for yourself! That being said, maybe you should! Goodness knows how much this abdl mommy would love to roll over in this big lonely bed and see the smiling face of one of my adorable diaper sissies looking back at me! It gets much warmer under the covers much faster when one of my little ones crawls into bed with me and we snuggle together. One thing I do a lot of during the winter is put plastic pants onto my sweeties so the heat stays in even better!




milf mommy phone sex role play taboo abdl kink fetish diapers

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