A Barbie Sex The lady was dressed in a barbie outfit complete with stockings and was walking around in pink high heel slippers.
Small Penis Humiliation
April 20, 2016
A Fetish Boob Sex in which the lady was completely naked.
Trouble Pt 3
April 21, 2016


Oh my God!! What did you just do! Did you just wet your bed again?  Never mind I already know the answer.  Listen here  Sissy princess, mommy isn’t going to let you keep wetting your bed! And you say you can be a big girl, well we know that isn’t true.  You know what mommy’s going to do about this?  First I am going to put you over my knees, strip you of your wet panties, and spank your sissy bottom till it’s nice and red and don’t worry about crying because I will just stick this nice big paci in your little sissy mouth while I spank you.  Maybe that will be a reminder to not wet your bed!  Wait a minute!  Did you just pee on me while I was spanking you?  That’s it little Missy now you are getting 80 swats with my nice pink paddle, you know the one with your name on it!  While I spank you, with each swat you will say “I’m a naughty sissy baby and wet my bed’’.  Once I am done with your spanking I will take you and put you in your nice pink diapers and some frilly rhumba panties so we can go shopping.  Cry all you want since this time it won’t work. You want to know what other embarrassing things I have in mind?  Call me for some Diaper Sissy Phone Sex or click here to meet the mommy’s.


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