A girl is sitting on the edge of the bed and wearing black lingerie underwear.
Sissy Phone Sex
April 20, 2016
A Child's Bed With Adult Belongings On It The child's bed has some adult belongings on it.
Listen Up Princess
April 21, 2016
sissy phone sex
I saw what you were doing the other day and I think it’s going to make for a great small penis humiliation and sissifacation phone sex story. You thought I was out at work didn’t you? Well I came home early and boy did I come home to a sight to see. I was about to walk into my bedroom when I heard something in there. I saw the door was cracked when I clearly remember shutting it when I left for work. I peeked my head in only to find you standing in front of the mirror, butt naked with your tiny dick tucked inbetween your legs while you held up a pair of panties to your waist. I stayed quiet to see what else you would do and sure enough after a few minutes you even put the panties on! How dare you ruin my panties with your little dick that can only shoot precum. Do you know how much those cost me? If you wanted panties so bad and wanted to be a little panty sissy you should of came to me instead of ruining my panties. Now you need to learn your lesson…
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sissification phone sex

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