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Come to Mommy You Filthy Sissy Slut
April 10, 2016
A Barbie Sex The lady was dressed in a barbie outfit complete with stockings and was walking around in pink high heel slippers.
Small Penis Humiliation
April 20, 2016
abdl mommy ava
Are you a sissy boy phone sex lover? Don’t try and deny it now! I saw you wearing my stockings around the house  when I wasn’t home. I noticed all of my lingere was a little stretched out and even had some hair on it. That hair certainly wasn’t from me, so it had to be you. Still denying it? Well that’s alright because I have proof. I set up a little nanny cam in my bedroom before heading off to work this morning and sure enough when I came home I checked it and you were on video going through my panty drawer! If that wasn’t bad enough I kept watching how you held up all my panties and bras to your body to see how you looked in them. And when that wasn’t enough you even went and put them on you! No wonder they’re all stretched out you’re a man putting on womens panties! You’re such a little slut for sissification phone sex aren’t you?
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